Author's Profile

Author’s Profile

Priscilla Law started her career as a professional model, where her credits include: runway, commercials, print and pageants. Although theatrically trained as well, writing has always been her greatest passion! For most of her life, writing has just been a hobby.

After continuous suggestions and encouragement from family and friends, Priscilla finally decided to take this passion to a professional level. Having authored four manuscripts; "Full-Circle Sin" is her first published novel.

A native of South Florida, Priscilla currently resides in Atlanta, GA.

“Writing has always been one of my greater passions. For me, it serves as a vehicle to escape the mundane activities of daily life; a way to achieve release into a world not bound by structure and bureaucracy. It is in this inner world of deep and fanciful thought that I find great pleasure.

I don’t consider myself a ‘specialized’ writer. Instead, like most everything else about me, my style of writing is quite eclectic. I find a certain joy in writing about where ever my imagination leads me. Hopefully, I will gain an audience that will join me on these journeys.” ...Priscilla Law

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