Full-Circle Sin by Priscilla Law

Full-Circle Sin

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They are fondly known throughout Chicago's social scene as the Quad. All born into a life of privilege: They are handsome, charismatic, successful and well connected. Though only friends, the Quad are closer than any brothers could ever hope to be. Their paths would take one on to becoming potentially America's first black president; two high-powered bankers; and one would marry a woman ominously connected to the others.

But amongst this foursome lies a secret of the darkest nature; a secret so dark that it threatens to destroy the elitist lives of them all. A sinister act conducted long ago has come back to destroy their lives; their families and their friendships. Their unconditional allegiance is about to be tested and an insurmountable fate looms now that this sin has come full-circle.

Paperback Edition

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Genre: Suspense/Thriller
ISBN-13: 978-0-615-41244-3
Publisher: ElleAuteur Publishing
Publication Date: October 2011

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